A few words about us.

The company “Maximiadis Garage Doors” was founded in 1980 by Vasilios Maximiadis.

From its very first day of operation, the goal of “Maximiadis Garage Doors” has been and continues to be to offer the best possible solution that will immediately and fully serve the needs of our customers.

The above approach, as well as our well-trained technical staff, have established “Maximiadis Garage Doors” as one of the most serious and reliable companies in the field of garage doors, fire safety, and automations.

The company “Maximiadis Garage Doors” has been active for over 30 years in the field of residential and industrial equipment and automations.

The company’s long and successful presence has given it great experience and expertise, allowing it to guarantee the best possible result in terms of safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

Always relying on the triptych of Maximum Quality - Maximum Safety - Maximum Consistency.

Today, “Maximiadis Garage Doors” has a line of machines producing Industrial, Shop, and Garage Doors, Entrance Bars, and covers Industrial applications with Loading Ramps, Air Curtains, High-speed doors, Strip curtains, and Fireproof Shutters.

Their goal from the beginning is to provide immediate customer service with excellent technical results. The continuous growth of their activity and the restless spirit of the younger generation, Angelos and Aris Maximiadis, who are entering the business, have led to the creation of a factory. Their production is aimed at customers in Greece and abroad.


Our approach

Analysis & implementation

The analysis phase concerns the creation of a successful project.

Product design

During the design phase, comparative evaluation, prototyping, and testing are included.

Specifications Phase

The specifications phase is an important step that helps us apply quality control to production.

Production phase

The production phase is the point at which your design and planning come together.


The evaluation phase includes testing the project against the initial specifications.