Fire Roll


Double-walled fire shutters certified as EI 60 – 90 – 120, according to the new European standards EN 1634-1.

Fire shutters generally resemble heavy-duty industrial shutters. Their calculations have been made for the extreme temperature of the test, which reaches 1153 °C during the 4-hour test. This temperature is one step before melting and collapse (iron melting temperature is 1530°C) and the behavior of the shutter under these conditions is extremely uncertain. For this reason, the details in the construction play a big role, which can only be confirmed with a test. Another important element that distinguishes these shutters is the operating mechanism and the automation of the controlled fall after the start of the fire.

  • Roller shutter slats made of steel, 77mm wide, with a minimum thickness of 0.91mm (depending on the size of the roller), manufactured to BS EN 10142 specifications with a protective galvanization of 0.275Kg/m.
  • The drum and axle are made of steel (BS EN 10219), supported by bearings at their ends, and secured with safety locks in the respective bases. The size of all the above is determined by the dimensions.
  • The guides are made of steel, 3mm thickness x 65mm width, manufactured to BS EN 10142 specifications, galvanized, and secured at a 75mm x 50mm angle.
  • The roller cover box, across the entire width, is made of galvanized 0.91mm thick sheet metal, with reinforcements required by BS 476 fire safety standards.
  • The mechanism is three-phase, with a chain drive, an electric control panel, rotary terminals, an integrated descent control system, and a release mechanism. There is also a manual chain operation in case of power outage, and a 3-position control button.

All products that operate with electricity have the CE marking.