High speed doors Μ2


The M2 door consists of metal structur in a Π shape and the flexible synthetic sheet.The vertical parts comprise the channels in which the flexible sheet – curtain is moving.On the upper section there is the moving mechanism. On the edges of the channels there is a brush that limits the friction of the curtain.

The fast-movig M2 is made for small and big openings. The curtain is folded like a harmonica under the moving mechanism with the aid of two or three lifting belts. The flexible sheet consists of polyester fabric coated with fire resistant PVC and there is also a choice of a few colors for t. In suitabl slots at the fabric, metalic rods are placed that gibes it resistant to wind pressure. we can manufacture M2 door types that can take speed up to 130Km/h (type EN 13241-1:2003).

In its basic edition, the M2 door has a row of transparent windows (with the ability to add further rows), terminal switches, two pairs of light sensors that reverse the closing of the door if anyone tries to enter during the closing, electrical board controlled by PLC and is activated by a button.

Moreover for added security, a safety adge can be installed which reverses the movement when the flexible fabric touches an obstacle

The door shuts automatically after a present time. The opening and closing speed is approximately between 0.8m/s and 1m/s.

In the event of power cut or damage the door can opened manually or with the use of special key/crank