High speed doors Μ1


They are suiable for ιndustries and warehouses when the movement of pedestrian, pallet trucks or even vahicles is frequent and we want the time the door stays open to be brief. Hence the contact wih he outer area is minimal whether because we desire small losses in heating or cooling or because protection is required from insects, dust, odors etc. We have the ability to construct it in vary big dimentions and there are 3 types of such doors.

  • Small losses inheating or cooling.
  • The door consists of laminated fabric which in vertical channels and is wrapped in a roll on the top side of the door. The fabric bears pockets with metalic rods which gives it resistance to wind pressure.
  • Suitable f doors of 3.00m in width and up to 4.00m i height.
  • The doοr is controled by an electrical board of PLC. There is a speca terminal for the cntol of the movement on the top and bottom, light sensors and safety edge that reverses the closing of the door.
  • In the basic edition, the door s activated by a button and closes automativally after a set time period
  • in the event of power cut or damage, the door can be opened manually or with the use of special key/crank
  • The speed of opening and clsing is approximately 0,8m/s