Sectional door GDM of polyurethane panels.


it is an excellect product which can operate for a very long time without presenting any problems.And this is because for its manufacture are used raw material of excellent quality from specialized personnel. At the same time, the desing and development department as well as the quality department are there to ensure even moe when and if it is necessary.


  • This way youare certain that our garage door will fuction for many years minimum yearly maintenance and zero problems.
  • Every multi-split door is designed and customized so it covers any of your needs in a geat variety of dimensions and construction combining high quality and aesthetic result.
  • For us there are no obstacles, there are no rules in the contruction of formalized dmentions.With GDM you are certain that your door will be constructed in the exact dimentrions of the opening and will match with the rest of the building construction wise as well as in clor.
  • When you desire, forfor your door to have a uniform look in its internal side, Maximiadis industrial Doors has a solution.
  • Despite the fact that in the internal side the door, the guides and the spare parts are galvanized, while at the same time the panels are in standard coloration RAL 9002, we ofer you the ability to choose the paint of quides and spare parts in the same coloration as the panels with a small and reasonable cost.You need only to ask and we are here to implement your every desire.
  • One of the important features that the multi-split door provides is the safety. This Specific industrial GDM door is a robust product and resistant to violations, since it is constructed from hot coated galvanized seel sheet Z140, keeping away unwanted visitors. Moreover, the manner of its design does not allow for an easy break in.